DVLA Unsold Lots

Following each Live Auction, there are usually some registrations remaining unsold. There is an opportunity to buy any of these Unsold Lots at their reserve prices* for a very limited time only.

To view or buy any of these registrations, you’ll need to follow 3 easy steps:

Step 1

If you have already registered for the auction, please go straight to Step 2.

If you have not already registered for this auction, you’ll need to do so by clicking on the link below and following the instructions:


Once you have registered and been emailed your Temporary Bidder Number, please log out of that website and return to this page and follow the instructions on step 2.

Step 2

To view or buy the Lots on offer, please log in to the Unsold Lot website below:


Please login with the following username and password:
Username = unsold
Password = reg4482

Step 3

To purchase a Lot simply click on the link to the right of the required Lot, enter your Bidder Number (or Temporary Bidder Number) & email address and click the button to confirm. As Unsold Lots are purchased, they will disappear from the list published online.

We urge you to act promptly as lots will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that applications to purchase Unsold Lots will only be accepted using the website at the link supplied. Please do not telephone us or email us to buy a registration.

* All purchases will be conducted under the Auctioneers’ Terms & Conditions of Sale and the Sale of Registration Marks Regulations and will be subject to VAT, a Buyer’s Premium of 8% (+VAT) and the Assignment Fee.

Cancellation of Unsold Lots

If you purchase an Unsold Lot after the auction you can cancel your purchase within 10 working days after the date of purchase. To do this you would need to email us at auction@dvlaauction.co.uk within 10 working days after the date of purchase.

Applications to cancel made after 10 working days will not be accepted.

In your email please include:

– the registration number you purchased
– your bidder number
– your full name and address, as it was given at the time of registering as a bidder. If you are applying on behalf of a company, please provide us with your position in that company
– a declaration that you will destroy the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) once we have confirmed that your purchase has been cancelled.

You will receive a reply within 10 working days of your request. Any refund will be made to the payment card used at the time of purchase.

Please be aware our 10 day cancellation policy does not apply to any purchases made during the auction.

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It is an offence to alter, re-arrange, or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximium fine of £1000, and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation.