Mailing List

DVLA Personalised Registrations offers two separate mailing lists which allow you to be kept informed of DVLA Auctions in general, or just specific registrations. To be informed of all future DVLA Auctions and DVLA Timed Auctions, click on the All Auctions Notifications link to the left.

If you wish to be removed from any mailing list for DVLA registrations, click on the Mailing List Removal link to the left.

If you would like to receive the next 5 DVLA Personalised Registrations Auction Catalogues for just £30.00, click on the Catalogue Subscription link to the left.

If you would like to stay in touch, please choose which list to join:

It is an offence to alter, re-arrange, or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximium fine of £1000, and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation.