Timed Auction

Welcome to DVLA’s second Timed Auction of 2017. We are proud to offer for sale 1,750 previously unissued vehicle registration numbers, with prices starting from £50 on every lot and bids increasing in £10 increments. The registrations are now available to view on this website. Click here to view the registrations included in this auction.

The auction is run on the basis of “Maximum Bids” which means you could win your registration for just the Starting Price if no one bids against you, no matter what the value of your Maximum Bid! Please note we also have “Sliding End Times”. This means if someone outbids you in the final 30 minutes (or you outbid them!), the End Time will slide back to give everyone a fair chance of winning the lot. So, my advice is to bid once and bid early. For more information please explore the menu on the left. We hope you find something of interest in this Timed Auction and wish you every success with your bidding.

With best wishesAdam Griffiths

Adam Griffiths

DVLA Personalised Registrations

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It is an offence to alter, re-arrange, or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximium fine of £1000, and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation.