Catalogue Subscriptions

Why not save yourself time and money by taking out an annual catalogue subscription? Receive the next 5 DVLA Personalised Registrations Live Auction Catalogues for just £30.00.

Three Ways to Take Out an Annual Catalogue Subscription

ON THE TELEPHONE Please call free 0300 029 8080 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Friday

BY POST Please send your name and address and a cheque for £30.00 payable to “BCA” to: DVLA Auction Team, BCA, Cross Green Business Park, Pontefract Lane, LEEDS, LS9 0PS

IN PERSON Visit the DVLA Auction Team at the above address.

If you would like to stay in touch, please choose which list to join:

It is an offence to alter, re-arrange, or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximium fine of £1000, and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation.