• DVLA Casa Hotel, Chesterfield Live Auction Opens for Registered Bidders

    December 10, 2013

    DVLA’s first Live Auction of 2014 is now open. The 3 day auction of 1,500 previously unissued registrations runs from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th February 2014. A broad range has been included with reserve prices form £250.

    To view the registrations on offer, please follow this link

  • Final Sale of 2013 Continues Success

    December 5, 2013

    DVLA Personalised Registrations’ 2013 live auction series finished on a high, with the final three-day sale of the year raising more than £3.5 million for the Treasury.

    While the final figure, which has taken the annual amount raised to close on £20 million, is worth celebrating, it is the 96 per cent sales conversion of the 1,500 personalised registrations during the sale that again confirmed their popularity is as high as ever.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “2013 has been another phenomenal year for the sales of personalised registrations. As our figures show, with every auction they seem to be as popular as ever.”


    A retired businessman from Kent, who travelled to the Park Hall hotel in Warrington, became the sale’s biggest spender, paying a total of £39,850 for CO11 EEN for his partner of 10 years. The second highest price paid was £29,500 for 21 O while 8888 BB was the third highest grossing registration, selling for £22,812.

    Ms Davies added: “Obviously, the high prices fetched for the likes of CO11 EEN and 21 O always make good headlines, but for this final sale of the year, we were particularly pleased by the large number of registrations which fetched far more affordable sums which is reflected in the high percentage of sales conversions.

    “Plans are now well underway to ensure 2014, which will be the Agency’s 25th anniversary of selling personalised registrations, is yet another major success.”

  • DVLA Aims High for Warrington Sale

    November 25, 2013

    DVLA Personalised Registrations is aiming to maintain its momentum of success going into its sixth and final three-day auction of 2013 later this month.

    With the Agency visiting the North West for its last sale of the year on November 27, it has high hopes of emulating the £3.7 million triumph of its September auction – its most successful three-day sale terms of revenue generated, since early 2011.

    It is also further buoyed by the fact its Timed Auction held in October proved to be the Agency’s highest ever grossing online sale, generating a further £853,528 for the Treasury.

    With Christmas looming, the festivities will fall early upon The Park Royal hotel in Warrington in the form of the apt personalised registration AN11 GEL, which has a reserve of £900, while die hard Star Wars fans will certainly be interested in DAR 77H (reserve £400) as a perfect tribute to arch villain Darth Vader.

    As usual, the vast array of 1,500 personalised registrations being auctioned includes a diverse mix representing names like CO11 EEN (£1,000) and RE63 CCA (£1,500) while the fun plates available include BOW 70X (£350) and B16 NAG (£300).

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “2013 has been another exceptional year in the sale of Personalised Registrations and we’re hopeful our continued success continues when we visit the North West.”

  • DVLA’s Final Timed Auction of 2013 Breaks Records

    October 31, 2013

    DVLA’s third and final Timed Auction of 2013 closed yesterday, breaking no fewer than 3 records. The highest conversion rate was achieved with over 74% of the lots going under the hammer. Over £647,000 was raised which is the highest hammer price achieved at a Timed Auction.  The final record was that of the number of registered bidders. Over 3,000 people registered to bid at the auction.

    1,300 registrations were on offer over two weeks. The 3 highest prices were achieved by DHL 110N (£9,110), 15 UKH  (£7,510) and MJB 1A (£5,730).

    The most popular registrations were AJS 4S (16 bidders, £1,560), RUF 1T (15 bidders, £4,000), AWA 7S (12 bidders, £4,010) and RJB 5B (11 bidders, £1,620).

    To view the full list of prices achieved, click here

    The next DVLA Timed Auction is planned for January 2014.

  • DVLA Timed Auction Opens

    October 16, 2013

    DVLA’s third Timed Auction of 2013 opens today with 1,300 registrations with reserves from £130. The auction runs from Wednesday October 16th 10am until Wednesday 30th October. As in previous Timed Auctions, the auction features Maximum Bids and Sliding End Times. See website for more details:

  • DVLA Personalised Registrations Delivers Finest Sale of the Year… So Far!

    October 1, 2013

    ro13ertDVLA Personalised Registrations had cause to celebrate its most successful three-day sale of 1,500 registrations of year so far.

    Now, expectations are high as to whether the final auction of 2013 set for the Park Royal Hotel in Warrington, from November 27, will beat the £3.7 million total raised last week.

    Bought by Wimbledon-based businessman Robert Hollamby for £37,600, the personalised registration RO13 ERT proved to be the highlight of the sale held at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey.

    FA11 SAL – bought for £29,240 to represent the popular Asian name Faisal – was the sale’s second highest seller while 96 M, which sold for £17,740, completed the Agency’s top three in terms of highest price fetched. The much coveted SU11 TAN registration was bought by a mystery Berkshire-based businessman for £18,612.  All prices include VAT, buyers premium and assignment fees.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “Clearly the popularity of personalised registrations continues to rise. Our autumn auction has far exceeded our own expectations and predictions and now our sights are firmly set on delivering an outstanding final sale of the year.”

    She added: “Only our auction held at the Morgan Motor Company, the home of the Morgan car, has generated more money for the Treasury this year, but, following an appeal to Morgan owners, that included additional 50 registrations directly linked to the famous marque.”


  • DVLA Auction Ultimate Sultan Registration

    September 23, 2013

    A personalised registration fit for a king or, to be precise, a Sultan is set to go under the hammer on Saturday, September 28.

    DVLA Personalised Registrations is auctioning SU11 TAN, arguably the closest within the Agency’s extensive archives to the noble title, during the final hours of its three-day autumn sale being held at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey, from Thursday.


    Thanks to its distinctive royal connotations, DVLA Personalised Registrations successfully sold 1 HRH for £113,000  four years ago.  While the Agency is staying open minded as to what figure SU11 TAN – which has a £1,500 reserve – could sell for, it is confident of its success as interest, especially from overseas, is “considerable”.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “The huge amount of interest and eventual sum we achieved for 1 HRH in 2009 was staggering. As we have received considerable interest in SU11 TAN, it’s fair to say it is likely to sell when it goes under the hammer on Saturday but for what sum, who knows?”

  • Aiming for Another Successful Auction

    September 13, 2013

    DVLA Personalised Registrations will be hoping to emulate one of its “most successful three-day auctions in recent times” when it returns to Mercedes Benz World in Surrey on Thursday, September 26.

    The Agency returns to the Weybridge attraction little over 12 months on from its first visit during which it raised more than £4 million for the Treasury.

    And with a catalogue that includes an array of 1,500 registrations reflecting first and surnames, initials, sports, businesses and car models, the Agency is hopeful to succeed in its quest, boosted by the fact it is providing a tremendous experience for car fans and whole families alike.

    In addition to free admission to the Mercedes museum enabling guests to get up close and personal to an incredible array of cars, exhibitions and films, registered bidders will also be entitled to free “hot lap” passenger rides around Mercedes’ own test track circuit in the very latest AMG Mercedes sports cars.

    AU13 REY, CA12 OLS, C111 LLA and RO13 ERT are proving popular first name-related registrations in the sale while BR11 GGS, FA12 ROW and HO13 SON are drawing interest from customers wanting a registration to reflect their surnames. For sport there is GOA 111E and businesses there’s a distinctive child-like appearance with LU11 ABY, MUM 55Y and OKB 48Y. Of the totally quirky registrations being auctioned, H111 PPY and HER 8S arguably head the field.

    A45 AMGJody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “Having raised more than £14 million from the four auctions of 2013, the year has continued to be yet another successful one for the Agency and, if we manage to replicate the September sale of 2012 later this month that will surely continue.

    “Our 2012 September sale was hailed as one of our most successful sales in recent times, not just because of the figure raised, but also because of the tremendously positive feedback we received from our customers and guests. Again we have chosen the venue purely on its strength of being able to offer a marvellous experience for the entire family.”

    DVLA’s forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,500 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including: 222 A (reserve – £3,000), AB12 AHM (£900), AMY 848E (£400), AU13 REY (£950), A45 AMG (£900), BAC 80N (£400), BEA 777Y (£400), BR11 GGS (£1,000), CA12 OLS (£900),      CH11 SEA (£900), CL63 AMG (£1,500), C44 MPA (£350), C111 LLA (£400), DOG 1X (£700), DRE 33M (£400) D111 ONS (£400), 850 E (£2,600), ELV 15V (£400),       E110 BEN (£350), FA12 ROW (£900), FRU 17T (£900), GL63 AMG (£1,500),       HES 84D (£350), H111 PPY (£400), 85 KEN (£1,900), LEO 1G (£700), LU11 ABY (£900), MA12 THA (£900), MCL 412C (£400), MEL 1B (£700), MUM 55Y (£400), PD51 NGH (£1,000), P11 PES (£400), RAJ 80Y (£400), RO13 ERT (£2,000), SLS 63 (£1,900), SU11 TAN (£1,500), TOM 11M (£500), TUR 80N (£400), 1 USM (£2,900), 900 W (£2,800), WRX 70Y (£350), XKR 80Y (£400), X430 FER (£300).




  • Free AMG Hot Laps*

    August 13, 2013

    Please remember that for all registered bidders at the next auction at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands we are offering free “hot lap” passenger rides around the circuit in the very latest AMG Mercedes cars (subject to availability*). If you’re contemplating bidding, make sure you come along in person for the experience!

    10% Off Driving Experiences

    We have also negotiated a discount for all Driving Experiences booked in advance for one of the auction days. See catalogue for details and prices.

  • Registrations Revealed for Mercedes-Benz World Auction

    July 30, 2013

    Following a successful auction in July at the Heritage Motor Centre, the registrations have now been published for the next auction at Mercedes-Benz World on Thursday, Friday & Saturday the 26th, 27th & 28th September 2013.

    This is DVLA’s second visit to Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands. The auction in September 2012 was so popular with bidders that we have decided to repeat the event.

    1,500 registrations are on offer with reserves starting from £250. A broad selection has been included featuring some registrations specific to Mercedes-Benz models. Click here to view the list of registrations.

    Free Museum Entry & Free AMG Hot Laps *

    In addition to free admission to the museum where you will be able to get up close and personal to an incredible array of cars, exhibitions and films, for all registered bidders we are offering free “hot lap” passenger rides around the circuit in the very latest AMG Mercedes cars (subject to availability*). If you’re contemplating bidding, make sure you come along in person for the experience!

    10% Off Driving Experiences

    We have also negotiated a discount for all Driving Experiences booked in advance for one of the auction days. See catalogue for details and prices.

  • Free Museum Tickets for Heritage Motor Centre

    July 18, 2013

    If you’re thinking of bidding at next week’s DVLA Auction of Personalised Registrations, make sure you come along to the auction and bid in person. The auctioneers are giving away two free tickets to each registered bidder worth up to £24. Tickets give free entry to the museum which features the world’s greatest collection of classic, vintage and veteran British cars.

    For more information on the museum, please follow this link:

    Terms & conditions apply.

  • DVLA’s Timed Auction Raises £500,000

    July 2, 2013

    DVLA’s second Timed Auction of 2013 closed yesterday with over 70% of the lots going under the hammer. Over £500,000 was raised. The 3 highest prices were achieved by DAV 10H (£4,310), ADA 71A  (£4,310) and P195 FLY (£4,130).

    Over 3,000 people registered to bid at the auction, which comprised 1,300 registrations on offer over two weeks. The most popular registrations were E46 CSL (14 bidders, £1,960), JA03 MES (11 bidders, £1,770), A45 SAM (11 bidders, £1,020) and MUD 80X (11 bidders, £2,610).

    To view the full list of prices achieved, click here

    The next DVLA Timed Auction is planned for October 2013.

  • DVLA’s Second Timed Auction of 2013 Opens

    June 17, 2013

    Registration opened this morning for the latest DVLA Timed Auction. The auction runs from Monday 17th June until Monday 1st July. 1,300 personalised registrations are on offer with reserves from £130.

    Click here to view the registrations included in this auction.

    The auction is run on the basis of “Maximum Bids” which means bidders could win their registration for just the Reserve Price if no one bids against them, no matter what the value of the Maximum Bid! Please note we also have “Sliding End Times”. This means if someone is outbid in the final 30 minutes, the End Time will slide back to give everyone a fair chance of winning the lot.

    For more information please explore the Timed Auction menu (on the blue button above) and download a catalogue.

  • DVLA Personalised Registrations Hails Its Morgan Sale

    June 4, 2013

    MO12 GAN

    DVLA Personalised Registrations has vowed to return to Morgan Motor Company’s historic factory following the success of its recent three-day auction which raised more than £3.6 million for the Treasury.

    The event, which saw 300 registered bidders enjoy a tour of the iconic Malvern factory and scores of others actually take to the roads and test drive a Morgan car, has been heralded as one of the most successful of recent times.

    The most expensive personalised registration sold was 20 O, bought by a mystery businessman for a total of £56,320.

    Birmingham-based businessman Kamran Shaikh thwarted any hopes of the much heralded MO12 GAN registration heading onto a Morgan car. Dr Shaikh, a senior partner with Morgan Reach Chartered Certified Accountants with offices in London, Birmingham and Leicester, won the registration with a £6,800 bid, a sum which ensured a total amount payable of £8,892.80.

    Other notable successes include 3 SJ, which went under the hammer for £17,800, PO11 OCK and 93 M which sold for £15,000 each and 1 LTW which went for £14,000. AL13 ERT became one of the most expensive of the 13-series auctioned so far when it sold for £8,800 during the opening minutes of the first day.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “While we were always hopeful of a successful three-day sale at Morgan, suffice to say our event surpassed all of our expectations. The feedback from our customers has been terrific.”


  • DVLA Personalised Registrations Eyes Morgan After Successful Leeds Sale

    March 28, 2013

    18 O Dave Hawes
    DVLA Personalised Registrations’ will be hoping to emulate the success of last week’s three-day sale when it rolls into the historic Morgan factory in May.

    After raising an impressive £3.3 million during its second sale of 2013 held in Leeds, the Agency is now focussed on ensuring its forthcoming auction will live up to all expectations when it moves into the historic automotive factory.

    Selling for little over £65,000, 18 O proved to be the highest priced personalised registration sold last week, however the event’s talking point surrounded the sale’s second highest seller, HU11 CTY.

    Immediately after the gavel fell for a total of £46,700, speculation mounted as to the identity of the two fierce bidders after both wished to remain anonymous and, specifically, their involvement with Hull City football club.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “Our sales always throw up a surprise or two, but no one in the auction hall expected the ferocity of the bidding for HU11 CTY.

    “While it was clear both parties were passionate about the football club, no one expected the price to rise to more than £46,700.”

    Ms Davies added: “Leeds has been extremely kind to us, for the second successive year we have raised in excess of £3.3 million there, all we can hope for now is for the success to continue when we stage our third auction of the year at the Morgan factory in May.”
    The five highest selling personalised registrations in Leeds were; 18 O (£50,000 hammer price/£65,030 total), HU11 CTY (£36,000/£46,736), F10 DYC (£15,600/£20,297), 951 NGH (£15,500/£20,168), AS11 LEY (£15,000/£19,520)

  • DVLA Announces Auction at Morgan Motor Company Sports Car Factory

    March 26, 2013


    The next DVLA Auction of Personalised Registrations will be held at the Morgan Motor Company factory in Malvern Link, Worcestershire. This is a new location in DVLA’s calendar and promises to be a well attended event which is being held on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May.

    There are 1,550 registrations on offer, including a selection of Morgan-related registrations like A44 MOG, PLU 54S and MOG 3W. For the full list of Morgan-related registrations, please click here. To see all 1,550 registrations in the auction, please click here.

    All registered bidders attending the auction will be able to enjoy a free factory tour and entrance to the Morgan museum. In addition, bidders will be able to enjoy a free test drive in a Morgan sports car, subject to availability.

    Bidders will be able to register for the auction in the next couple of days.

  • Timed Auction Raises over £500,000

    March 11, 2013

    The latest Timed Auction closed on 4th March. During the two week auction nearly 2,500 people registered, placing bids on almost 3/4 of the lots. Some lots had up to 10 people bidding on them.

    The most expensive registration was SA11 SHA which sold for £9,510. A total of over £500,000 was raised for the Treasury.

    The next Timed Auction will be in June or July 2013.

  • DVLA Personalised Registrations Deliver A Feast For Leeds Auction

    February 28, 2013

    DVLA Personalised Registrations is bracing itself for a flood of interest from all quarters when it decamps in Leeds later this month.

    Thanks to the new style 11, 12 and, for the first time at auction, the 13-series, the Agency has put together a fine mix of registrations that resemble names, whether it’s a forename, surname or that of a famous city, town or even football club!

    Registrations including DE12 EKS, GO12 DON, FE12 GAL, KA12 ENS and RE13 ECA lead the way for those looking to resemble their forenames names on their vehicles while BA12 TON, CA11 DER, H122 RST and MA10 NES are prime registrations resembling surnames that are going under the hammer.

    Motorists living in either Bolton, Durham, Halifax and Whitby will have the opportunity to bid for BO11 TON, DU12 HAM, HA11 FAX and TWH 178Y during the three-day sale being staged at the De Vere Village Hotel, Leeds, from Wednesday, March 20. Hull City supporters also have the chance to buy HU11 CTY.

    Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “I can’t quite remember a sale containing so many prime names littered among those going under the hammer than those we’re selling in Leeds.

    “While definitive names always generate immense interest, it’s worth noting as usual we will be auctioning 1,500 registrations covering a whole mix of registrations.”

    Ms Davies added: “2013 got off to a fine start at our first sale of the year which raised in excess of £3 million. With the super array we have lined up for Leeds later this month, I am really confident our success will continue.”

    DVLA’s forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,500 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including; 500 A (reserve – £3,000), AB13 OTT (£1,000), AST 50N (£400), AUD 1C (£700), BA12 CON (£400), BA12 TON (£900), BA13 ARA (£1,000), BO11 TON (£1,000), BO13 BYS (£1,000), CA11 DER (£1,000), CA12 VER (£900),    CO13 EEN (£1,000), DE12 EKS (£900), DU12 HAM (£1,000) D155 SCO (£300), EN51 GNS (£500), GO12 DON (£1,000), HA11 FAX (£1,000),       HA12 OLD (£1,000), HU11 CTY (£900), KA12 ENS (£1,000), K411 THS (£600), MA10 NES (£900), 18 O (£5,000), P114 ANO (£300), RE13 ECA (£1,000), SLS 12 (£1,800), T155 SUE (£400), T166 ERS (£350), TWH 178Y (£400), T441 LOR (£500), 111 VAN (£1,800), WLS 1 (£3,200), WNS 1 (3,200), WPE 110W (£400),

  • DVLA Timed Auction Now Open

    February 18, 2013

    The first Timed Auction of 2013 opens today with over 1,300 Registrations on offer from £130. Visit the website to see the latest prices.

    The auction closes on Monday 4th March 2013.

  • A Feast For All At DVLA’s First Sale of 2013

    January 22, 2013

    DVLA Personalised Registrations’ first auction of 2013 could prove the sale of the year for registration plate-lovers looking for a true bargain.

    With reserves ranging from as little as £250 through to £5,000, whether it’s a registration resembling a popular first or surname, initials, a business or bought for a bit of fun to those reflecting a prominent supercar, the three-day auction being held at the Oxford Belfry Hotel from Wednesday, January 30, features something for all tastes and budgets.

    Registrations resembling first names already proving popular with registered bidders include A819 ALE (reserve £300), BEV 1K (£700), B166 KEN (£400), and CA11 UMS (£1,000) while there’s interest registered for those resembling surnames including MA12 LEY, ME12 CER, PA12 MAR, WA12 NER, HO11 DEN and MC11 EAN – each with a reserve of £1,000. 17 O holds the highest reserve, set at £5,000.

    Motorists who like to personalise their cars can opt from EVO 7X (£400), NSX 6 (£600), TUR 80L (£400) and TVR 400T (£400) while Ferrari fans could go for FER 430S and even F288 GTO, each tagged with £400 reserves.

    Damian Lawson, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Marketing Manager, said: “As ever, we’ve managed to compile a huge mix of personalised registrations aimed at all walks of life and for all budgets for our first public auction of 2013.”

    Mr Lawson is also keen to stress the auction schedule would not be affected if the severe weather currently sweeping the country continues and added: “I don’t foresee any reason as to why our three-day sale starting on January 30 will not continue, as planned, regardless of the arctic weather. We’ve been successfully staging auctions since 1989 and poor weather has never forced us to cancel or postpone before.

    “The Oxford Belfry Hotel is a new venue for us and has been specifically chosen for its central location and for its convenience to the M40 for those wanting to come along and bid in person.”

Use the links below for news and information on DVLA Auctions of Personalised Registrations.

It is an offence to alter, re-arrange, or misrepresent a registration number. There is a maximium fine of £1000, and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation.